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The New Pool Design is Here!


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New Swimming Pool to Replace Our Old, Worn Out Pool...      Something for Everyone...      Summer Fun to the Max...       Economic Boost through Increased Visitors to Norton...      Summer Enjoyment for Generations...      Quality of Life Investment...      Summer Activity for Kids...      Exercise & Recreation for the Whole Family...     


The City of Norton, Kansas has formed a pool committee tasked with developing a plan for a new  swimming pool facility to replace our old, deteriorating pool.


We intend for the new swimming pool design to include features for everyone, from our young toddlers to our valued senior citizens.


We encourage you to look around this website to learn more about our swimming pool and why we need a replacement.


Click below for a pdf version of the report about the condition of our existing swimming pool:


 "Norton Swimming Pool Evaluation & Recommendations Report."


The results from the community survey of your opinions about a new swimming pool are in. The Norton Swimming Pool Committee has studied the survey results and developed a final design to be voted on in November. Click the link below to see the survey results.


Click here to see the survey results.



The new swimming pool design is here...


Click here for all the new design details and a video about the project.

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:: Old style pools were once very popular :: Our old pool is worn out!  

:: Modern Swimming Pools now have features that people of all ages and abilities enjoy.

Click here to see "Evolution of Public Swimming Pools" video


These pools were at one time the best available. Attendance was high and everyone enjoyed spending summer days at the pool.




The existing Norton outdoor swimming pool was constructed over 58 years ago.

Just like all types of mechanical structures, swimming pools "wear out" over time. Even though the pool has been well maintained over the years, it has major problems.

Click here for a pdf version of the report detailing the deteriorating condition of our existing swimming pool.

Now it is time for the Citizens of Norton to decide on a new, more modern, swimming pool facility to last many decades into the future and serve us as well as our old pool has.

Now may be the perfect time to replace our aging pool with an up-to-date swimming pool. Construction costs are as low now as they will probably ever be, and the cost for the City to fund the project is the lowest it has been in over 45 years.

Construction of a new swimming pool at this time can be a valuable investment in our community.

(Click here to see recent pictures of our existing pool.)


Many of the features that are commonly part of modern aquatic facilities can be part of a new swimming pool in Norton.

Sample Municipal Swimming Pool

Sample Play Feature